Tuesday 22 June 2010

Packed up paintings

Last week I finished my paintings for the show at LeBasse Projects opening July 17th 2010. I'm feeling excited about this show and will be flying to LA to attend the opening, so if you're in LA please come and visit. If you want to be on the preview list for the show please email the gallery. More details about the show to come later.

Today everything was packed up and sent. The packing took me 5 hours! I'm so happy everything is done.


Unknown said...

It looks lovely. Well done. I can't wait to one day see your work in the flesh.

alex*at*aufdemaur said...

ooooh how exciting! i just love the black dresses you've been going with too. the pieces are still soft and innoncent, yet with the black, it gives it something mysterious, kind of edgy. i love it!

zoe said...

your new works have such an elegance, and the tones are impeccable! i wish i were anywhere near LA...enjoy it!

Chelsey.Belle said...

I wish you all the luck! Your paintings are wonderful!