Wednesday 24 September 2008

Lazy animals

Some more tests with ink and tea. I'm still trying to work out how to make a silhouette shape with subtle detail inside. The paper went all wrinkly. Can you iron paper, does anyone know?

I know, showing experiments is a bit dull, but I'll have lots of new paintings to show very soon to make up for it.

I'm in a show in December at Gallery1988 that has an animal-type theme, so went to the Melbourne zoo to take some photos to draw from. And OMG! Australian Animals are so fricken lazy!! So I guess the animals in my paintings are mostly going to be sleeping.

Emu falling asleep:

Kangaroo, asleep:

Koala...ALSO asleep. Although we don't expect much more from Koalas, really.

I went to the wombat enclosure but couldn't see any wombats in there, but I bet they were asleep too.

This little echidna-guy was awake and SOOO cute. I want one.

Wednesday 10 September 2008


A few weeks ago I entered the Inaugural Super A1 Guessing Competition on my sisters blog and came last (LAST?!). I won this super-cute handmade Any way, it's name is Pewter, and here's a few photos of it just hanging around, being Pewter.

I really need to buy some clothes for that doll. Good thing she has Pewter.