Monday 24 May 2010


Prints coming soon! I've just finished signing these and have posted them back to the US, they will be available from Paper Tiger, but not yet. I don't know when but I'm sure it will be soon. All proceeds go towards a plane ticket to LA so that I can attend the exhibition I'm in at LeBasse Projects in July :)

A few weeks ago I was in Bright for an autumn break. Bright is a pretty alpine town around 4 hrs drive from Melbourne. This was where we stayed:

And this was the view out the kitchen window at dusk:

Wild kangaroos hanging out on the grass! I took a really short (9 second) video of the kangas hopping around:


Anonymous said...

pumped for those prints. that was my fav piece from your last group of paintings. will keep an eye out at paper tiger.

zoe said...

beautiful, exciting!
and look at those kangaroos, too! :D

alex*at*aufdemaur said...

That's crazy seeing so many of them just in the backyard! Being in the US, we do not have that problem, naturally lol.
The prints are lovely, I have no idea why I won't shut up about those kangaroos though lol

Atheist Atom said...

I just bought the moths print. I feel so fortunate. I picked up the latest HiFructose mag and the only thing I liked in the whole magazine was that image. I didn't buy the mag. I wrote your name down and found this very print I wanted when I got home. I just wanted to tell you that. I'm glad I found you. <3 love

Melissa said...

I do that too - I always take paper and pencil to the book shop so I can write down things to look up later :)

I hope you like the print.

TrüSka said...

It looks like Utopia Land : )! I never saw a kangaroo in my life! Kisses from Portugal : * PS - Love your Work!