Monday, 26 May 2008

Curtis's Botanical Magazine

These are botanical illustrations from the late 18th century. Someone at the Univeristy of Georgia has photographed every page of the first 20 volumes of Curtis's Botanical Magazine (from the universities rare book collection) and compiled them into pdfs for us to download. There are some really strange and beautiful portrayals of flowers. Copyright is expired so it's safe to use them in drawings, collages etc.


My Charlie Girl said...

Wow, what beautiful illustrations you found. its amazing how they still have such rich colour!!

Guerilla Embroidery said...

thankyou for this link - very useful. Your art is beautiful by the way - I am an artist myself and have just moved here to Australia. I was looking for references of Australian flowers and came across one of your drawings. I have spent the past hour on your blog!
keep up the good work