Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Ernst Haeckel

I have terrible insomnia. So I've been wandering the web (its after 4am!) and I found an entire high-res version of Artforms of Nature by Ernst Haeckel on flickr. There is also a link to download the entire book as a pdf. I'm very happy. My hard copy version of this book seems to be an abridged collection and is missing many of the illustrations.

Artform of Nature by Ernst Haeckel

Ernst Haeckel was a German biologist and these illustrations were published between 1899-1904. I love them, so intricate and beautiful, yet also scientifically accurate.


scarlettcat said...

Snap! I recently discovered Ernst Haeckle and found his work so amazingly inspiring. Then noticed that Audrey had been similarly inspired. Now you! It's funny how you discover something 'new' and all of a sudden see it absolutely everywhere. Great post Melissa! Love those links! xxx scarlett

Suzie said...

Looking at the book now... ohhhhh wow. It's amazing! I might try to sneakily print as much off at work as I can! It's so inspiring, I want to pretend to vomit so I can go home and do some drawing NOW!

Poor Lissie with your insomnia. I should come over with cup cakes and we'll have a drawing party.

BFArt School Girl said...

wow! this is a great help for me... whew! I love this! thank you!