Monday, 30 April 2012

Drawing Leaves

Drawing leaves.  Perhaps next time I'll draw a tree.  Then maybe a forest, and then...?  (What comes after forest?)


Sundari said...

Very nice leaves... after the forest maybe a whole topographic landscape? The world?

Melissa said...

That will require a very big piece of paper!

Anonymous said...

hi Melissa I love your work.
Very romantic image and fabulous style.
Sorry my terrible english...

I'm young blogger, only few day, my blog opened.
I would like use some your work for image header and I would like write a post about you soon. I hope you agree and I hope you come to visit my blog

thanks a lot for your work kiss

Anonymous said...

... my blog is about beekeeping and natural style life
now it is only a smallest and unkwown blog but I hope become popular and larger soon.

We can exchange link what do you think about?

astrosio said...

after forest comes fauns and nymphs

Louise Lebrun said...
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Louise Lebrun said...

A sister forest

A brother river

A family landscape

A mother earth

A father moon

A wonderful life !