Friday, 15 July 2011

Kigurumi show opens tomorrow night

Endless Field, oil on canvas, 34x48"

Tomorrow night is the opening for my 'Kigurumi' show. If you're in LA I'd love to see you there. Here are the details:

Kigurumi at LeBasse Projects (Chinatown)
Opening Reception :: Friday, July 15th, 7-10pm
923 Chung King Rd. Los Angeles, CA 90012


♥Cornetto said...

I wish I could attend, your artwork is simply amazing! x

Betty Bomber said...

I wish I lived out west again, because I would come to your show in a heartbeat. As said before me, your artwork really is simply amazing.



lauren lemon said...

How long will the show be up? I missed the opening, but would love to check out the work.

Melissa said...

The show closes August 13th, hope you get a chance to see it!