Saturday, 19 September 2009

Wild flowers in WA

I just got back from a week in Western Australia. I had never been to WA before, it somehow seemed a lot more Australian than Victoria, the botanic gardens was almost exclusively native plants. I finally get why the national flower is wattle. The damn thing is everywhere.

I know looking at holiday photos can be a bit dull, so I've kept it to just a few (I took over 1000!). And this is kind of related to art in the form of inspiration and reference.

I found the wreath flower, it was somewhere in the middle of nowhere (as you can see from the photo). They (the friendly tourism office?) tie pink ribbons around trees and poles that have wreath flowers near them so you can find them more easily.

Wattle. Is it a flower or a plague? I'm really not sure.

wild flower field:

Lesueur National Park - kinda felt like there should be dinosaurs wandering around for some reason.

Black Kangaroo paw at Kings park. Might be good to draw:


Emjie said...

It is completely different part of the country, but your photos remind me of a holiday I took a few years back, to Darwin. The red desert that marches across this country is incredible, don't you think?

zoe said...

i love that black kangaroo paw! hope to see it again ;)

Heidi A. said...

The flower field is so pretty. Nice photos.

Anna Lloyd said...

Great photos! Well done finding the wreath flowers! I hope you had a great time. I love that WA landscape.