Wednesday, 10 September 2008


A few weeks ago I entered the Inaugural Super A1 Guessing Competition on my sisters blog and came last (LAST?!). I won this super-cute handmade Any way, it's name is Pewter, and here's a few photos of it just hanging around, being Pewter.

I really need to buy some clothes for that doll. Good thing she has Pewter.


graphiquillan said...

He's sooo cute - makes coming last that bit sweeter!

Love your work, Melissa, and really enjoy seeing how you've developed as an artist since you started this blog!

Can I ask a strange question, please? Where did you get the poseable doll who's kindly modelling Pewter? I've been looking for something like that to use for reference - endless searched brings me to so far find only freaky Victorian dolls, poseable wooden blobs or Bratzalikes!

Melissa said...

It's a 1/6 obitsu doll

Melissa said...

And another alternative is Volks:

For the 1/6 posable dolls Obitsu and Volks are really the only options.

graphiquillan said...

Thanks, Melissa! Helpful and talented :)

Suzie - Button and Squiggle said...

You came equal third! They are such cute photos. Made me feel happy face seeing Pewter making friends and meeting tea pots.